Investment Management

We provide individualized asset allocation to you by taking into account of your risk tolerance and investment objectives. We aim to build portfolios that balance risk with returns. We build portfolios based on multi-asset investment strategy that diversifies across asset classes and global geographies by utilizing mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and individual bonds. As a fee-only advisory firm, we have incentive to deliver low cost solutions that minimize the performance drain that internal expenses and transaction costs can impose on returns. When we use mutual funds, we use no-load or institutional share classes that offer the least expensive access to the manager or strategy we want to utilize. We strive to construct portfolios that consistently display strong relative performance while minimizing portfolio volatility. We utilize several software such as Riskalyze shown in the following video for assisting our jobs.


Hourly Financial Planning

We offer hourly financial planning services for you if you need a review of your retirement plan, investments in a 401(k), or a check-up to determine progress in meeting your financial goals. We will charge only for the time we spend to deliver the solutions that you seek. We utilize several professional software such as MoneyGuidePro shown in the following video for assisting our jobs.


Research and Due Diligence Project

We may conduct research and due diligence on Delaware Statutory Trusts for 1031 Exchanges. At the completion of the due diligence process, we will provide a written report on its findings (“written due diligence report”)..

Free 30min Consultation

All of our services start from closely listening about your personal and family financial needs. If you are a California resident and are interested in the services, please contact us to arrange an initial 30-minute meeting. There is no-charge for the initial consultation.