About the New Asset Investment Advisors LLC


New Asset Investment Advisors LLC (NAIA) is an independent fee-only Register Investment Adviser (RIA), founded by Rex Chou and licensed with the Department of Business Oversight in the California. NAIA focuses on multi-assets investment strategy that diversifies across asset classes and global geographies by utilizing mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and individual bonds. 

NAIA provides portfolio management and financial planning services to help clients to achieve their financial goals. As an independent fee-only RIA, NAIA is bound by a fiduciary duty to its clients without conflict of interests.  NAIA receives no commissions or compensation of any kind from brokerage firms, fund companies, or insurance companies. 

About the founder – Chou, We Yu (Rex)


Rex Chou has more than 20 years’ investment and financial service experiences. He founded the New Asset Investment Advisors LLC in 2013. From 2008 to 2012,  Rex Chou was the Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Far Eastern Asset Management Company Limited, a joint venture of Deutsche Bank and Far Eastern International Bank. Prior to this, Rex has held a variety of senior business development, investment consulting, and customer service roles at Schroders, HSBC Asset Management, and Fidelity Investments in Taiwan.

Rex holds an MBA from Drexel University in the US and is also a Registered Investment Advisor Representative in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Fee-Only, Independent, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

Answer: Fee-Only, Independent, Registered Investment Advisors are held to a Fiduciary Standard. By law, a Fiduciary will act solely in the best interest of the client. They must fully disclose any conflict, or potential conflict, to the client prior to and throughout a business engagement. They are entirely different from the brokerages, broker-dealers, insurance companies, and banks that have traditionally dominated the investment advice market.

Traditional advisors are normally commission based.  They work directly for banks, insurance companies, and large brokerage houses and are often limited by the investment products they can access. Their limited selection of investment vehicles often includes proprietary products. Besides, advisors are given incentives to recommend one product over another by being offered different commissions. If the advisor is commission based, it’s almost impossible to provide fiduciary standards of investment management. External influence and production pressure make any recommendation suspicious.

Instead, independent, fee-only RIAs are not affiliated with or controlled by any mutual fund or insurance companies.  They don’t receive commissions, revenue sharing, 12(b)-1 fees, or other incentives from the companies they recommend or use. Their compensation is based on an hourly rate, a flat rate, or a percent of assets managed.  Their economic incentives are aligned with the interests of their clients. The independence frees them to utilize the most suitable products and strategies for their clients.

Where are my money and assets held?

Answer: New Assets Investment Advisors LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”), is the financial professional for your account who provides you with investment advisory services.  New Assets Investment Advisors LLC utilizes the RIA brokerage services of Trade-PMR Inc. (Introducing Broker).  Trade-PMR Inc. is a member of FINRA/SIPC and clears client trades on a fully disclosed basis through Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC (a Wells Fargo company).  Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC holds in custody the securities and cash in your client account.


Is my account protected?

Answer: Securities in accounts carried by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC (a Wells Fargo company) are protected in accordance with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) up to $500,000. The $500,000 total amount of SIPC protection is inclusive of up to $250,000 protection for claims for cash, subject to periodic adjustments for inflation in accordance with terms of the SIPC statute and approval by SIPC’s Board of Directors. Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC also has arranged for coverage above these limits, called “excess of SIPC” coverage, as described in more detail below. Neither coverage protects against a decline in the market value of securities, nor does either coverage extend to certain securities that are considered ineligible for coverage. For more details on SIPC, or to request a SIPC brochure, visit www.sipc.org or call 1-202-371-8300.

In addition to SIPC protection, our clearing firm, Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, maintains additional insurance coverage provided through London Underwriters (led by Lloyd’s of London Syndicate). For clients who have received the full SIPC payout limits for any missing securities and cash in client investment accounts, up to a clearing-firm aggregate limit of $1 billion (including up to $1.9 million for cash per client). In other words, the aggregate amount of all client losses covered under this policy are subject to a limit of $1 billion, with each client covered up to $1.9 million for cash.

What is the multi-asset investment strategy?
The multi-assets contain three major portions- growth assets, income assets, and diversifying assets (or alternative assets). The three major assets have many sub-asset classes. Each asset class has different levels of risk and return so will behave differently in different financial environments. The multi-asset investment strategy constructs portfolios by diversifying across the various asset classes to reduce volatility. The portfolio will be reviewed and adjusted from time to time to better match the current financial market environment.